SilkyAir Flex

All-in-one Hair Dryer and Styler
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SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex
SilkyAir Flex

All-in-One Hair Dry­er and Sty­ling Tool

SilkyAir Flex allows for easy hair styling and drying at low temperatures while maintaining hair quality.

Flexible handling
Automatic temperature control
Concentrated air flow
5 different attachments
Storage case
Overheat protection

Fantastic Results

Create your ideal look with the different attachments. Curl, dry, polish and fix without extreme heat. Are you going for lasting volume, beautiful curls, or a smooth finish? Limitless hairstyles with one device.

Create bouncy curls with the SilkyAir Flex autowrap attachment.
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Create your perfect blow-out look with the SilkyAir Flex oval brush attachment.
 Beschrijving afbeelding 2
Create sleek hair with the the SilkyAir Flex paddle brush attachment.
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Dry hair with ultimate heat protection with the SilkyAir Flex concentrator attachment.

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  • What is Silk'n SilkyAir Flex?

    The Silk'n SilkyAir Flex is a multipurpose styling tool with various styling attachments to create different hair styles. Besides that you can transform your styling tool into a powerful hair dryer with the flex function.

  • Which attachments are included?

    In this set you will find 2x autowrap attachment, with different air flow directions, 1x volumizing brush, 1x paddle brush and 1x concentrator.

  • What are the benefits of each attachments?

    With the autowrap attachments you can easily get defined curls. Our innovative air flow automatically wraps your hair around the barrel. The air flow is divided evenly so the hair is dried in a more natural way and creates beautiful curls. Then, set your curl with the cool shot function for a more long-lasting result. The SilkyAir Flex includes 2 attachments to create curls for both the left and right side.

    Volumizing brush
    With the volumizing brush you can create a salon-like blow dry. With the oval shape you can get close to your roots and get the volume you were looking for.

    Paddle brush
    With the volumizing brush you can create a salon-like blow dry. With the oval shape you can get close to your roots and get the volume you were looking for.

    The concentrator creates a more focused air flow to quickly dry your hair which makes it perfect for a polished look. You can easily style or dry in different sections without detangling your hair.

  • How does the flex function?

    With just one click, on the back of the SilkyAir Flex, it can easily be transformed from a powerful hair dryer into an all-in-one styling tool.

  • How does the temperature auto-adjust system work?

    This tool measures the air temperature 50 times per second and adjusts it automatically when the temperature is too high, making heat damage something of the past.
    Due to the concentrated air flow you can use lower temperatures to dry and style your hair while maintaining the hair quality.

  • What are the benefits of a concentrated air flow?

    The concentrated air flow ensures more precision and more power to quickly dry your hair.

  • How many temperatures and speed settings does the SilkyAir Flex has?

    The SilkyAir Flex comes with a dynamic LED display that shows you all the information that you need. This tool has 4 temperatures: 39°C (Cold air), 50°C, 70°C and 90°C, and 3 speed settings that are shown in the display.

  • How do I activate the cool shot button?

    The cool shot function can be activated by pressing down the temperature button.

  • What are the benefits of the lock function?

    The lock function can be used to fix your setting during styling so you don't accidentally change your selected settings.

  • Why should I use the internal cleaning function?

    This tool will tell you when to use the internal cleaning function if too much dust is collected into your device. By using this function regularly your tool will maintain the most optimal quality, it will blow out the dust that is collected in the filter with much force to make sure your device is clean on the inside. After that, you can also easily remove the filter cover and get rid of the remaining dust manually.

  • How does a memory function work?

    The SilkyAir Flex has great features like a memory function that will remember the last selected temperature level and speed setting.

  • How long is the cable?

    The cable is 3m long. This allows more freedom of movement.

  • Is there anything else included?

    Yes, The SilkyAir Flex also comes with a luxurious vegan leather storage case that can hold your tool, all your attachments.


Product details

  • Name
    SilkyAir Flex
  • Model
    All-in-one hair dryer & hair styler
  • Colour
    rose gold
  • Warranty
    2 year
  • Power supply
    Mains cord
  • Treatment time
    Manual mode 10 min - Automatic mode 15 min
  • Weight
    0.62 kg
  • Package Content
    1x SilkyAir Flex device, 1x Right auto wrap barrel, 1x Left auto wrap barrel, 1x Concentrator, 1x Oval brush, 1x Paddle brush, 1x Storage case, 1x User manual
  • EAN
  • Product ID